Apple iPad 2 Pictures

It’s no secret that the Apple iPad 2 is a sleek looking device. In fact, many would agree that it is the nicest looking and also most comfortable to use tablet PC available today. It’s ultra-thin profile, sleek contours and silky smooth feel lend a certain feeling of luxury to the user, and we could all use a little luxury in our lives, couldn’t we? Check out some of the pictures below to see just how sleek and luxurious the new Apple iPad 2 really is, especially in comparison to the original iPad!

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Another great thing about the 2nd generation iPad is the amount of colors available. From sleek and sophisticated to fun and energetic, they’ve got it all covered. For people who prefer a more traditional look, they have black, white, silver and grey. For those looking for a fun look, they have vibrant pink, green and blue options, and also some sophisticated and classy colors, such as navy blue, tan, cream and maroon. No matter what colors you like, you’re bound to find an iPad 2 that fits your style.

All in all, Apple really nailed the design of the iPad 2, from beauty and elegance to comfort and usability, the design is a complete home run. It’s light, comfortable to hold with one hand, has a silky smooth finish, and it looks elegant and cool at the same time. Hopefully these iPad 2 pics have given you an idea of just how nice it is, but you really need to see and hold an Apple iPad 2 for yourself to truly appreciate the brilliant design.