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Apple iPad 2 specs, features and information

Free iPad 2 InfoDid you know that Apple sold over 15 million original iPad’s in the first 9 months they were available?  That is truly a testament to just how incredible the Apple iPad really is.  To the surprise of many Apple enthusiasts, they came out with the iPad 2 which makes the original iPad seem like a fancy calculator.

What makes the new Apple iPad 2 so incredible?  Where to begin!?!?  First off, they packed it full of impressively powerful hardware, such as the insanely fast dual-core A5 chip which tears through apps at lightning speed.  Processing speed is crucial, but Apple certainly did not stop there.  They stuffed in some amazing graphics hardware that produces vivid colorful images with amazing accuracy.  Add in some really cool gadgets, like a gyrometer and twin cameras, and you’ve got a multimedia Swiss army knife!

One huge improvement with the iPad 2, is the size and weight.  The first Apple iPad was considered a bit heavy and clunky by some, but Apple managed to trim the weight and the size for the new model.  In addition, they added a curve to the back edge that makes it more comfortable and easier to hold with one hand, which is pretty important if you’re on the go regularly.

What if you loved the original iPad?  No worries… the iPad 2 is not a different animal… it’s just a much more advanced one.  It works very much like the first iPad, it just does everything better.  That means you won’t be lost – you’ll feel right at home using the Apple iPad 2.

Apple iPad 2What about the geeky stuff?  Alright… let’s get right into the heart of the matter: the power!  The CPU is titled the “A5”, and it is essentially a dual-core 1GHz version of the A4 chip from before.  It also packs twice the RAM (512MB) and double the bus speed (200MHz).  All together, you’ve got one very fast tablet PC, that can operate at up to double the speed of the original iPad.  That is largely dependent on the software being used, and whether or not it is coded to take full advantage of a dual core processor, but you can be sure that it will handle anything you can throw at it a lot faster than the first iPad.

All this extra power doesn’t go to waste either – they added some new functionality that really improves the usability and fun factor of the new iPad 2.  For example, there is greatly improved support for HD video and HDTV’s, which is a major plus in this high def age.  It not only allows you to connect it, it actually comes through with incredible quality and clarity, something often lacking in these devices.  In fact, the new Apple iPad 2 can record in resolutions up to 1080p, and can also incorporate Dolby Digital Surround Sound.

And of course… there’s the software.  The Apple App Store is tremendous now.  Pretty much anything you can think of doing with a tablet PC… they have an app for already.  This greatly extends the usability of the iPad 2, because you can completely customize it to work exactly the way you want it to.