Free Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire tablet PC is the number one most wished for item on, and it’s for a very good reason – it’s simply amazing! With a stunning 7″ full color multi-touch display, it’s a world apart from the past Kindle offerings. And now, for a limited time only – you can get a free Kindle Fire! Simple click the image below to claim yours:
Get A Free Kindle Fire

Your Free Kindle Fire Features:

Insanely fast web browsing with the Amazon Silk browser. In addition, you get free cloud storage for all of your Amazon content, which could be quite a lot, considering what’s available – over 19 million movies, tv shows, books, magazines and songs. In addition, there a ton of great apps for the Kindle Fire, such as Netflix, Pandora, HuluPlus, and a ton more. To handle all the multimedia content, your free Kindle Fire will be packing a powerful dual-core processor to keep everything fast and fun.

Your free Kindle Fire will come with 8GB of internal memory, though approximately 6GB will be available for user content. That alone could pack in 80 apps and 10 movies. But, you also get free cloud storage for all of your Amazon content, so you can store tons of content that you can access from anywhere in the world.

The battery time depends greatly on what you are using the Kindle Fire for. You can get around 8 hours of reading time or 7.5 hours of video playback – with the wireless turned off, which is pretty impressive. The wireless functions use a lot of power, so any web related activities will cut into your battery life a bit more. Fortunately, it charges completely in just about 4 hours, and can also be charged from your computer via USB.

Clearly, the Kindle Fire is an excellent tablet, and a little multimedia powerhouse, which makes it a great value at $199. However, for a limited time only, you can get a free Kindle Fire! Simply click the image at the top of this post to claim your today while they still last!