Get an iPad 2 with iCade FREE!

Right now you can get a FREE iPad 2 from Apple, PLUS the new iCade for FREE AND a Bonus $100 iTunes Gift Card for FREE!!! The iCade turns your iPad into an old school arcade powerhouse, and with $100 to spend on iTunes, you’ll have no shortage of games to play.
The iCade is an iPad cradle designed like a retro arcade console, complete with old school graphics. Grab the Atari Greatest Hits app in the App Store and play all your favorite hits like Centipede, Asteroids and Battlezone. The iCade itself is compatible with 100 Atari Classics, plus new and existing apps can be updated to work with iCade, so you will never run out of uses for your new uber cool retro gaming iPad 2 cradle.
While many controllers feature mini sized joysticks without the realistic, weighted, smooth action of a real arcade machine. The iCade has a full sized joystick that feels just like the real thing – only you don’t have to keep dumping quarters in to play! Add on 8 full size arcade buttons built strong enough to withstand your typically enthusiastic button mashing sessions, and you have a mini arcade right in your home.
Setup is extremely easy, you simply place the iPad 2 into the cradle and launch any iCade supported app and you’re good to go, since the iCade connects wirelessly with the iPad 2. The secure mounting allows for intense gaming action, and the cradle holds the iPad 2 at the perfect viewing angle to minimize glare.
The iCade is a must have for any gaming enthusiast or retro gaming aficionado, and now you can get one for free if you act now. Simply click the image at the top of this post to find out if you qualify!